The 'Cathedral to the Arts and Crafts', or more correctly The Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity with Saint June, Upper Chelsea, is one of London's greatest architectural treasures. It was built to an original and magnificent design between 1888-90 by the architect John Dando Sedding under the patronage of the 5th Earl Cadogan. 

Holy Trinity is a huge building and its Nave is nine inches wider than that of St Pauls Cathedral. Despite the elaborate furnishings designed by the leading sculptors and designers of the day, icnluding F W Pomeroy, H H Armstead, Onslow Ford and Hamo Thornycroft, Holy Trinity has a serene interior. This may be due to the fact that a grand frieze below the clerestory windows was never attempted and some of the interior scultpure and carving are incomplete.

The interior, which is both grand and hugely spacious, is crowned by Burne-Jones and William Morris's gargantuan Great East Window.

After nearly being destroyed by incendiary bombs in World War II the church was restored to its orginal appearance, only to be saved again from demolition (!) by John Betjeman and the Victorian Society.

The famous Walker Organ was also damaged in World War II and is at present being restored to its former glory by Harrison and Harrison. When complete it will, again, be one of the finest church organs in London. The composer John Ireland was Assistant Organist at Holy Trinity.

For many, Holy Trinity is a space of tranquility and calm amidst this busy Royal Borough.